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    We bring together thought leaders from industry + academia to help live event organizers grow in rapidly changing markets.


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  • Uniting Information

    TENTPOLE is a universal knowledge exchange for the live event industry.

    Unlocking Value

    Today, the industry depends on centralized associations for their identity, a profile of record, and ideas.

    Sparking Innovation

    Increasingly, the consolidation of power in large platforms threatens our ability to innovate.​

  • Collective Wisdom

    Turning disruption into opportunity begins with diverse perspectives.

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    The people who are here want to be here. Jump in and participate three ways

    The Big Top

    we pitched a tent to foster problem solving and value creation


    The Big Top is our weekly collaborative circus that heralds the art and science of convening people.


    When we do it

    The community meets almost every Wednesday, from 6p ET - 730p ET on Zoom.


    Why it matters
    When you combine diverse perspectives, analytical rigor, and domain expertise, you can transform insights into sustainable growth.


    Briefing Center

    collaborative opportunity exploration


    Our Briefing Center brings industry leaders together with the most talented entrepreneurs and technology companies driving the next wave of innovation.


    Your Briefing

    Spend 90 minutes with us. Our exclusive briefings are highly customized based on your priorities. We love to start by sharing our perspectives on innovation and learning more about yours, followed by radical collaboration tailored to topics that align with your business.


    community-sourced event audit


    TENTPOLEmob is an open, fast, and crowdsourced approach to research and discovery. It's based on the notion that a participant of any event can find inspiration from the events he/she attends.​


    How it works

    It's simple. Participants will submit a complete Event Assessment that will include their overall perspective of the event experience. In this era, reviews and perspectives are priceless.


    Ringmasters for these proceedings

    Todd Rosholt

    Steve Boyce


    We believe these principles serve as the basic conditions for openness


    We are a group of people with a strong relationship to the social construction of knowledge. What brings us together is a shared optimism that if better organized, we can cause radically positive things to happen.


    As much as possible (and advisable) under applicable laws, we work to make data and other materials easily accessible to both internal and external participants; they are open for any member to review them when necessary.


    Processes for collective problem solving, collaborative decision making, and continuous learning are in place, and we reward both personal and team learning to reinforce a growth mindset.


    Protocols and procedures for participation are clear, widely available, and acknowledged, allowing for constructive inclusion of diverse perspectives.


    Work in an open organization involves multiple stakeholders by default. Participants believe that joint work produces better (more effective, more sustainable) outcomes, and specifically seek to involve others in our efforts.


    We believe that certain things, such as economic goods or power, should be vested in individuals on the basis of talent, grit, and achievement. Advancement is based on performance, as measured through examination or demonstrated achievement


    We love diverse perspectives, testing new ideas, and observing and learning from others!

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